Donald Hilton at BYU Pornography/Sexual Addiction Conference

Dr. Donald Hilton, neurosurgeon who has done extensive writing and presenting on the brain disease facet of addiction, recently presented at a Social Work conference on the topic of pornography/sexual addiction. Following is the video of his entire presentation.

Dr. Hilton’s partial bio (quoted from the Love and Fidelity Network) on the work on pornography addiction is as follows:

Dr. Hilton also publishes and speaks on the subject of pornography and sexual addiction. He and his wife received the “Guardian of the Light” award from the anti-pornography organization Lighted Candle Society in 2008, where Dr. Hilton gave the keynote address, “Pornography and the Brain: Understanding the Addiction.” He authored the book He Restoreth My Soul, which explores the effects of pornography on the brain, along with spiritual paradigms of healing. His publications on the subject include

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