The water lily 1

Many of us come to Hope & Healing during the lowest point in our lives. We are lost in the muck. We can’t breathe. We are drowning. But like lily pads, somehow we find our way in the darkness. We send up shoots of green … slowly, faithfully. We strive toward the surface, growing persistently […]


Hearing the Drama Triangle in action

A guest post from “Laurie”: We were surrounded by beautiful forest, and sunshine, and a blue sky on our drive to therapy last week. It takes about 35 minutes to get there. Inside the car was basically a dark, black, stuffy cloud of anger, hostility, and drama. We got into a disagreement about something minor, […]

Letter to my Younger Self 1

A guest blog post written by Kilee: In December, I had the opportunity to participate in a video project put on by the LDS Church. I flew to Salt Lake City, and with other amazing, strong women, I was recorded reading a letter with “Advice to My Younger Self”–what I wish I knew when I […]


A conference. A conundrum. A prayer request.

We recently received the following letter from Crystal Renaud of Whole Women Ministries and felt it appropriate to share. If you or someone you know would like to participate in this event, please register! If you want to help–even if that just means offering a prayer–please do. But also please don’t feel obligated. We’re just trying […]

Pray with us

December 9th is the National Day of Prayer. What better time to join our voices in the fight against pornography? Hope & Healing will be joining thousands in our plea to God during a FREE event sponsored by the Morality in Media. Click here to register for the event, view a list of participating organizations, and […]


My husband thinks porn use is normal. What do I do?

Apologies to Becky for the delay in responding to her question. I’ve decided to just make it a post because it’s the type of question that many wives have. “I just posted that my husband is a porn addict. He’s promised me several times that he’d stop. Although, I’ve ended up finding it again. He […]

The Heart of the Matter — a must-see film

The Heart of the Matter is a documentary film about finding hope and light in the face of pornography addiction. I have watched this project since its inception. I had the opportunity to be on set for a couple of the interviews. I have been so moved and inspired by the project itself and the […]

The Heart of the Matter film release

Love You Book Cover

What Wives of Porn Addicts Wish All Church Leaders Knew

Have you read the book, Love You, Hate the Porn? It’s a good one! Recently, co-author Mark Chamberlain, PhD, posted a list on his blog titled:   “What Wives of Porn Addicts Wish All Church Leaders Knew”   The list was created by one of Chamberlain’s patients in collaboration with several other brave women, and is a […]

Restoring Intimacy 1

A guest blog post written by “KatieDid” When I was a girl, I would often dream about love and romance. I looked forward to the time when I would fall in love and get married. I wanted to meet someone with whom I could share my true self. We would share everything about ourselves: our […]



“And now my beloved brethren, I would exhort you to have patience, and that ye bear with all manner of afflictions … Have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions.” ~Alma 34:40-41