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Frequently Asked Questions from Wives of Sex Addicts

When the idea for this site (blog + forum) was first discussed, a small group of wives who had experienced some recovery helped create a list of questions they wished they’d had answers to when they had first found out about their husband’s addiction. These questions (along with others that have been added since the forum began) are addressed in the private, password-protected forum. If you are a wife who is struggling with the impact and betrayal trauma of your husband’s sexual addiction, perhaps some of these questions will resonate. We encourage you to join the forum and see what other women have said in response to these questions. (There are also some resources shared that can help you get more information about many of these topics.) There is much more … Read entire article »


Free Webinar, Conference, and Workshop for WoPAs this week

Are you the wife of someone struggling with a pornography/sexual addiction? Do you know someone who is? There are some great resources available for wives, and more resources becoming available all of the time. We are grateful to the many people who are working tirelessly to help those struggling with addictions, and to support their loved ones. Below are three resources that are available just this week. More posts will follow with other resources, including a new program from Fight the New Drug for teens struggling with addiction, a free six-week course for men struggling with pornography addiction, and two conferences (one national, one held at a state level) that people might be interested in. … Read entire article »

Tips from Women in Recovery

LifeStar of Lehi had a great series of blog posts from WoPAs (wives of men with pornography addictions). Following are the posts that appeared in the series, with a snippet from each post: Series launch: New Series: Tips From Women in Recovery Shay wrote, Trust Yourself. Visit her blog, A Wife Redeemed. “My Heavenly Father understands Betrayal Trauma.  My Heavenly Father understands triggers.  He sees the bigger picture; the one that my friend/family/bishop/therapist can’t see.  He knows that not all recoveries look alike, there isn’t an ideal or best way and He knows what will work best for me. “I don’t want to imply that the people that the Lord has given us to help us on this path are generally wrong or … Read entire article »

Bible Verses on Divorce & Adultery

So … in this mess of pornography addiction, marriage, and possibly in-the-flesh cheating, where does the ‘D’ word come into play, anyway? Let me just start by saying it’s not my place to tell anyone where that line has been crossed–you know the magical line that takes a relationship into a realm where divorce is the answer. I know wives of addicts wonder about this though. I know because they’ve told me. I also know because I was once the wife of an addict. For some women, learning that their husband is an addict is enough. The end. Others live with it, struggle with it–for years or even indefinitely. And here’s my answer for all you ladies … Read entire article »

Hey MOM! Whatcha doin’ for WRAP?

Did you know that White Ribbon Against Pornography week always begins the last Sunday in October? It’s true. Want some tools? Check out my piece on Power of Moms this week: “White Ribbon Against Pornography: A Resource Guide” … Read entire article »

Teaching Kids About Porn

Way down on your “I Don’t Want To Do” list, there might be an item like this: “Warn my kids about porn.” What are you waiting for? Don’t know what to say? Check out this article: “How to Teach Children About (*GASP*) Pornography” on Power of Moms I would say, check out this AMAZING article or this SUPER COOL, FANTASTIC article, but I am a little biased because … well … I wrote it. Hee hee. Truth be told, I’m pretty giddy that it got published. It ran on the Deseret News website today, too!   April Perry, founder of Power of Moms, posted it in place of her column, “Motherhood Matters,” this week. What an … Read entire article »

Coping with Broken Covenants-A Message of Love

As I sat in the General Relief Society broadcast for the LDS church last night, I thought of all of you–particularly the wives of porn addicts. Linda S. Reeves shared a beautiful message about the power of the Atonement that pierced my heart, and as I listened, I knew I had to run home and post it! My favorite part was when she talked about the Provo tabernacle being gutted by a terrible fire. Many people wondered: ‘Surely the Lord could have stopped the fire, or at least prevented so much damage. Why didn’t he stop it?’ But they didn’t know what he had in mind. Just a few months later, President Monson announced to … Read entire article »

SHAMED/The Heart of the Matter

They met their goal for 15K! That means the organization they are working with will meet the funds, therefore doubling the contribution. Woohoo! Congrats, to Jessica, Nathan, and all the staff! Thanks for all that have participated in the fundraiser so far! (It is still going on, so feel free to continue giving. Click here to see a teaser for the documentary and/or participate in the fundraiser.) Please keep this amazing project in mind and continue spread the word. They still need so much funding to make the film a reality, and it will make such a huge impact on the Christian world when it is finished! … Read entire article »

Remember SHAMED? They need help!

Here’s a note from Jessica Mockett, Director: While funding this project has been a challenge, we press forward because we know that the film will be significant in changing how Christians view the issues. I ask for your help once again so that this movie can be available to countless viewers: that hearts will be touched, that Christians will see more clearly how to recover from the scars of pornography, that it will draw them closer to God. Here are a few quick updates on the progress of the project: 1)     We have brought in a new producing partner, Nathan Lee, a multi Emmy award-winning producer/director who understands intimately the issues our film addresses. 2)     For 18 months we pursued the project under the title Shamed. After … Read entire article »

The Togetherness Project

Admin note: Many thanks to Jacy for this powerful post and for her passionate work on The Togetherness Project. We are excited to help her spread the word about the one-day conference she has created to help women who are affected by the sex addiction and/or infidelity of a loved one. You can read more about Jacy on her blog, My Name is Jacy. [Please note that even though we are sharing this on our site, which has an LDS focus, The Togetherness Project is not an LDS-focused or religious conference. It's designed to be a power-packed and empowering day of information from experts on sexual addiction, insights from those who understand this trial personally, … Read entire article »