What No One Tells You About Sex Addiction Recovery #hopelds

I was married over thirty years before my husband disclosed his sex addiction. There were red flags of addict behavior flying around me everywhere that should have warned me but I didn’t know what to look for.  I never suspected … Continued

What We Wish We Had Known When We Were Dating–Thoughts from Women with Husbands with Pornography Addiction #hopelds

  This is the fourth in a series of posts addressing education on and recovery from pornography addiction and betrayal trauma..  Please send questions that you have to hopeandhealinglds(at)gmail(dot)com.   Keep following our series at hopeandhealinglds.com #HopeLDS or ldsmag.com, as … Continued

What Wives of Sex Addicts Want You to Know #hopelds

“If we find out that someone we are dating or someone we are serious about has an issue with pornography, should we continue to date them or should we run? What should we do?’”   In the recent Face to … Continued

The water lily

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Many of us come to Hope & Healing during the lowest point in our lives. We are lost in the muck. We can’t breathe. We are drowning. But like lily pads, somehow we find our way in the darkness. We … Continued

New ARP Workbook for Loved Ones

It’s finally happened! The Church has officially launched their new workbook for loved ones of addicts! Come and see what it’s all about! Visit the Spouses and Families section on the ARP website to read personal stories and/or submit your own, … Continued