What I Have Learned from Attending 12-Step Groups #hopelds

Hi. My name is Daisy.   In 2003, I started attending S-anon 12-step groups because my husband was a sexaholic and my life had become unmanageable. S-anon is a 12-step recovery group “for those who have been affected by someone … Continued

My Story of Pornography Addiction and Recovery #hopelds

  This is the seventh in a series of posts addressing education on and recovery from pornography addiction and betrayal trauma.  Please send questions that you have to hopeandhealinglds(at)gmail(dot)com.   Keep following our series at hopeandhealinglds.com #HopeLDS  or LDSmag.com as … Continued

The water lily

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Many of us come to Hope & Healing during the lowest point in our lives. We are lost in the muck. We can’t breathe. We are drowning. But like lily pads, somehow we find our way in the darkness. We … Continued