As the war against pornography and sex addiction rages, a miraculous thing has happened. Stories from real men and women have begun springing up all over the web like wildflowers. Some authors choose to remain anonymous to lovingly protect their spouses and children; others bravely step forward and shout from the rooftops. Below is a list of some of these stories. Sample them. Explore them. Pass them on.

All of these journeys are different, but one thing is the same — we are each reaching out, fighting the same monster, and reminding one another that we are not alone. Perhaps not every story will resonate with you, but please keep an open mind and remember that each story might touch the heart of another.


“Darkness, Denial, and Despair Followed by (Real) Hope” (Source: Rowboat and Marbles). An LDS woman’s story of finding hope and recovery.

“Dear Addi” is one of our favorite blogs written by an addict in recovery who is answers questions about this addiction from his unique perspective.

“Finding His Hope and Light As You Travel Through Your Tunnels of Life” by Kathy (Source: Healing for the Soul). From a Christian website.

“Forward with Faith: Finding Strength and Healing in Christ” by Sara (Mormon Women). “Sara shares her story about the journey she and her husband have been on as they have faced his pornography addiction.”

“Forward with Faith: Healing when a spouse has a porn addiction” (video) by Steven and Rhyll Croshaw (Source: Mormon Women). A couple shares their story about healing from the effects of pornography addiction.

“Forward with Faith: When Pornography Hits Home” by Bethany (Source: Mormon Women). “Bethany and her husband made a decision together to share their story about his pornography addiction, how it has affected their lives, and how they are working toward healing.”

“God raised me and my family from the dead” by Rachelle Call (Source: Mormon Women). Includes inspirational song about staying strong when a loved one has an addiction.

“Healing from Pornography Addiction: Hope for Addicts, Spouses” (intro/article), Rhyll Steven and Rhyll Croshaw’s story (Source: Mormon Women). Includes inspirational art that has helped a couple face the journey of healing from pornography addiction.

“Hope and Help for Sex Addicts – A Personal Story (+resources)” by Andrew, founder of Rowboat and Marbles (Source: Mormon Women). Written from the perspective of an addict, but his site also includes material for wives (he’s working on this in conjunction with his wife).

“Is recovery from pornography addiction possible?” (Source: Mormon Women). An addict in recovery shares his story and how the LDS Addiction Recovery Program helped him get sober and stay sober. Now he’s helping other men share their stories of how the 12 steps have helped them find healing at

“Latter-day Bondage & Freedom” by Marcelle Stegelmeier (Source: Strengthen the Family). My husband humbly shared with me how his addiction cycle started in the fifth grade, with curiosity, which led to indulgence, followed by medicating with pornography to escape negative emotions such as: stress, depression, feeling overwhelmed, shame, or being tired. The cycle continued for years….”

“My Husband’s Addiction” (Source: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). “When my husband became ensnared by pornography, I found there were specific things I could do to help him.”

“[Pornography’s] destructive influence is not greater than God” by Diony George (Source: Mormon Women). The story of a woman whose marriage did not survive, but whose faith did.

“Recovery from Pornography Addiction is Possible” (video) by Sara (Source: SA Lifeline). “A wife of an addict shares her story of recovery from her husband’s Pornography / Sexual addiction. Her insights into the efforts required to find recovery, as well as the gifts that she received from God are hopeful.”

“There is Hope!” (Source: Journey to Healing & Joy). A Christian woman shares her story of hope and healing.

“The Women Behind the Fantasy” (Source: Covenant Eyes). Amy Riordan, a recovering porn addict who has dedicated her life to helping others fight addiction, tells the story of one of the women she has ministered to–a woman who was once a porn star and is now fighting sexual addiction too.

“Two Mormon Women’s Stories about Overcoming Pornography Addiction” (Source: Mormon Women). Women also struggle against pornography addiction; two women share their stories.

“You Don’t Have to Do it Alone” (Source: Mormon Women). A Mormon woman shares how LDS pornography addiction recovery support groups (and a 12-step recovery manual) for spouses helped her in her journey to find healing . She says, “We involved in this program pray for you; we pray you will find these support groups, if you need them. Know you are not alone. Since we can’t hold up signs saying, “My husband is a porn addict, and I need help,” be gutsy and come to a meeting. You may like what you find.”

“Young Women Seduced By Porn: How My Parents Helped Me Break Free” (Source: Covenant Eyes). The summer before she graduated from high school Natalie stumbled across erotic literature online, which eventually led to watching videos.

“700 Club Interactive — September 12, 2011” video, (Source: The Christian Broadcasting Network) Dirty Girls Ministries founder Crystal Renaud shares about her former addiction and how pornography is an ever-growing obsession among teenage girls.

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