What Wives of Porn Addicts Wish All Church Leaders Knew

Have you read the book, Love You, Hate the Porn? It’s a good one! Recently, co-author Mark Chamberlain, PhD, posted a list on his blog titled:   “What Wives of Porn Addicts Wish All Church Leaders Knew”   The list … Continued

Restoring Intimacy

A guest blog post written by “KatieDid” When I was a girl, I would often dream about love and romance. I looked forward to the time when I would fall in love and get married. I wanted to meet someone … Continued

New ARP Workbook for Loved Ones

It’s finally happened! The Church has officially launched their new workbook for loved ones of addicts! Come and see what it’s all about! Visit the Spouses and Families section on the ARP website to read personal stories and/or submit your own, … Continued

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