Why I Write What I Write

Why I Wrote The Cenote By Chelsea Dyreng LDS fiction is not my favorite genre. I think it is predictable, boring and so squeaky clean that it is not relatable to real life. And when one of these books is … Continued

The Chastity Lesson

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I’m hearing ripples about The Chastity Lesson that was given in many Relief Society classes this past Sunday. Teachers agonized over the topic. Some women dreaded the topic. Some avoided attending class altogether because the topic is just too painful. … Continued

The water lily

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Many of us come to Hope & Healing during the lowest point in our lives. We are lost in the muck. We can’t breathe. We are drowning. But like lily pads, somehow we find our way in the darkness. We … Continued

Pray with us

December 9th is the National Day of Prayer. What better time to join our voices in the fight against pornography? Hope & Healing will be joining thousands in our plea to God during a FREE event sponsored by the Morality in … Continued

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