We run a private forum for women who are personally affected by the pornography/sex addiction of a spouse, boyfriend, or loved one. Talk with other women who are walking this path, and see what has helped them find hope and healing. The forum has an LDS/Christian flavor to it, but any women looking for faith-based support are welcome. The forum is also rich with resource links.


To join the forum, please follow the instructions carefully. 

  1. Go to hopeandhealinglds.com/forum/index/php 


2. Select the Register tab (fourth tab on the navigation bar) and read ALL the terms and conditions. We custom created terms and conditions for the forum, so please do not skip this step. NOTE: Your account will not be activated until you send an email to hopeandhealinglds@gmail.com with answers to the four questions listed in the terms and conditions. Admins cannot see or approve new registrations without this step! Please use the same email address you use to register to ensure that your registration can be found and validated.

Remember, if you don’t read and follow the instructions in the terms and conditions, your registration will not seen and thus admins will not be able to approve and activate your account. 

3. Create a username and password. This screen comes up after the terms and conditions. When you register, please use the same email address that you plan to use to answer the four questions in the terms and conditions. If you use a different email address than your registration email address, your account will not be approved. 

4. Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email from the admins. Once admins receive the email with answers to the four questions in the terms and conditions, the approval process can take anywhere from 1-48 hours, depending on the craziness of the admin’s life. 🙂

Know that each registration request is reviewed and responded to personally by an admin. We care about you at a personal level, and we hope that this forum will be helpful for you.

If you have any questions or trouble, feel free to email hopeandhealinglds@gmail.com