What I Wish I Had Known the First Time I Caught My Husband Looking at Porn #hopelds

  This is the third in a series of posts addressing education on and recovery from pornography addiction and betrayal trauma.  Please send questions that you have to hopeandhealinglds(at)gmail(dot)com.   Keep following our series at hopeandhealinglds.com #HopeLDS or ldsmag.com, as … Continued

What Wives of Porn Addicts Wish All Church Leaders Knew

Have you read the book, Love You, Hate the Porn? It’s a good one! Recently, co-author Mark Chamberlain, PhD, posted a list on his blog titled:   “What Wives of Porn Addicts Wish All Church Leaders Knew”   The list … Continued

Free Webinar, Conference, and Workshop for WoPAs this week

Are you the wife of someone struggling with a pornography/sexual addiction? Do you know someone who is? There are some great resources available for wives, and more resources becoming available all of the time. We are grateful to the many … Continued

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