The water lily

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Many of us come to Hope & Healing during the lowest point in our lives. We are lost in the muck. We can’t breathe. We are drowning. But like lily pads, somehow we find our way in the darkness. We … Continued

New ARP Workbook for Loved Ones

It’s finally happened! The Church has officially launched their new workbook for loved ones of addicts! Come and see what it’s all about! Visit the Spouses and Families section on the ARP website to read personal stories and/or submit your own, … Continued

Teaching Kids About Porn

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Way down on your “I Don’t Want To Do” list, there might be an item like this: “Warn my kids about porn.” What are you waiting for? Don’t know what to say? Check out this article: “How to Teach Children … Continued

Remember SHAMED? They need help!

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Here’s a note from Jessica Mockett, Director: While funding this project has been a challenge, we press forward because we know that the film will be significant in changing how Christians view the issues. I ask for your help once again so … Continued