The online community of addiction recovery blogs continues to change and grow. It’s become too big for us to keep up with, but fortunately others are succeeding in effectively gathering blogs together. For an ongoing, updated list of LDS Addiction Recovery Blogs, click on the following button. Our list below also includes some blogs from people who may not be LDS and/or may not have registered with the LDS Addiction Recovery Blogs aggregator, so we will do our best to keep our list up as well.

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LDS Addiction Recovery Blogs
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One of the most difficult aspects of porn and sex addiction is isolation. In an attempt to connect with someone, anyone, who understands, some addicts and loved ones have blogs. They write for different reasons: for personal therapy, as a plea for help and advice, or to share wisdom with others traveling a similar path. Maybe one will strike you and you’ll choose to follow along. Or perhaps you will see what we have seen as we’ve begun looking at the bigger picture: There are patterns in the stories that can help educate about addiction, and, of course, communicate that you are not alone if you are affected by addiction in some way!

Most of these blogs no longer stand alone. They form a healing community with one another–a social network for those affected by porn and sex addiction. The writers have created profiles for themselves–many of them under pseudonyms–and communicate with each other about difficult topics through their blogs. (For women who desire online support in a more private setting our forum is also an excellent option.) It’s amazing to see internet technology, too often used to shatter lives through porn, now used to aid in the healing process through the synergy of this virtual community.

***As you explore the list, please keep in mind that each blog author will have his or her own writing style and tone. Each is in her own stage of the process. Some are wives of addicts not in recovery, some are wives of men in recovery, some have divorced and are rebuilding their lives, and some have dealt with their own personal addiction to pornography. If you find one that doesn’t float your boat, please respectfully move on. You never know … it just might be what someone else needs. Please also see our disclaimers at the bottom of our site.***

Women’s Stories

Bra Badges – Alicia, Bra Badges

By the Light of Grace – Sidreis (female addict in recovery)

Dear “Addi”-Honest answers from a Recovering Addict

Eat my Scabs – April

His Struggle My Struggle – Jane

Learning From My Husband’s Pornography Addiction – Jane

Legend of the Firebird

Leaving Nothing Unsaid-T

I Will Find Healing

I Would Rather Not Be Here

Kill Your Own Buffalo

Mama Crossroads

My Journey as a Porn Addicts Wife – Hope

My name is Jacy – Jacy’s current blog (Meet Jacy)

Radiant Hope – Radiant Hope (female addict in recovery)

Rose and Daisy-Daisy

The Sex Addicts

Walking In Freedom – Amy (addict in recovery)

Walking Through Fire – Marlee

A Wife Redeemed – Shay, A Wife Redeemed

Within the Heart of Me

Working Towards Healing – HX

Men’s Blogs

Row Boat and Marbles – Andrew (includes guest posts from wives of addicts)

Professional Blogs

Love You, Hate the Porn — Dr. Mark Chamberlain

Memoirs of an LDS Therapist – Maurice

PASG Works – for LDS men who are working on recovery from sex/porn addiction

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