Recovery podcast for wives of men in sexual addiction #hopeLDS


We are excited to share that there is a new, free podcast series available on iTunes for wives of those with sexual/pornography addictions or compulsions.

One of the things we say often here at Hope and Healing is that a woman can find healing, regardless of what her husband chooses to do. Addicts need help, hope, and recovery, and wives need their own process of hope and healing.

The podcast series includes personal experiences and insights from women participating in SA Lifeline’s S-Anon 12-step program. We do not know if all women are LDS, but the 12-step process is so very consistent with gospel principles; in fact, some would call 12-steps a guide to accessing the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

If you are wondering what happens in 12-step meetings, if you are wondering what healing from betrayal trauma looks and feels like, this podcast might be just the resource for you. Consider the topics that are currently on the podcast series. (Keep checking back, because more podcasts will continue to be added.)

I Finally Admitted My Life Was Unmanageable: Admitting my life wasn’t manageable was impossible for me before my rock bottom. View In iTunes

How To Heal After A Betrayal — How I Found Recovery View In iTunes

D-Day Story: Knowing The Signs Of Infidelity: If I Listen To My Gut, It Will Tell Me When I’m Safe View In iTunes

4 How To Forgive Betrayal: How To Heal From Betrayal Trauma View In iTunes

My Efforts To Stop My Husband’s Sex Addiction Failed — All My Efforts To Stop My Husband’s Porn Addiction Failed [This may sound hopeless, but it’s in recognizing that you can’t fix the addiction and that you can give your life and your loved on to God’s care that you can finally become free from addiction’s traumatizing effects] View In iTunes

What Is Betrayal Trauma? View In iTunes

Forgiveness After Betrayal – Where Do I Start? — Can Women Forgive After A Betrayal? View In iTunes

Infidelity Checklist – Are You Enabling Your Husband’s Betrayal? S-Anon Checklist View In iTunes

9 Finding Out About My Husband’s Pornography & Gaming Addiction — D-Day Story View In iTunes

10 Realizing That I Enabled My Emotionally Abusive Husband’s Pornography Use and Abuse View In iTunes

We hope as you listen to this free betrayal trauma recovery podcasts, you’ll be able to understand a little more of what it means to accept that you didn’t cause the addiction, you can’t change it, and you can’t cure it (but sometimes you can contribute to the cycle that results from addiction and trying to control it, and you definitely have been impacted by it). You can learn how to find healing from the fear, pain, desire to control and fix, the confusion and obsession — the effects that are so common for women who have been blindsided with the cycle of addiction that has impacted their relationship. You can learn to be honest with yourself about where things really are in your life, and most importantly, you can learn to connect with God and your own instincts at a deeper level, so that you can make clear and deliberate decisions each day rather than reacting in anger or pain or sheer survival.

Hope and healing are possible. We cannot recommend 12-steps enough, and we thank the women with SAL (SA Lifeline’s S-Anon program) who are willing to share their experiences, faith, and hope.

New podcasts will continue to be added, so keep checking back on iTunes. If you don’t have the iTunes app, you can also listen to the podcasts at the website

7 Responses

  1. I’m so happy I found this site. I finally feel as if i have something to help me with all the bad I’ve experienced with an addictive husband.

  2. Debbie Bell

    I am trying to find the podcast on iTunes. Where is it? I have looked under Hope and Healing, but I could not find it. Let me know, please.

    • Whitney

      Hi, the podcasts are done by Betrayal Trauma Recovery. Search for that or look on 🙂

  3. Is this podcast affiliated directly with SA Lifeline then? This post makes it seem like it is.

    • Hi Madi,
      This podcast and is not directly related with SALifeline although they highly recommend that women in trauma join a SAL 12-step group to help them find happiness and health again.

  4. What about people who dont have an iPhone?