The Chastity Lesson

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lilly of the valley

I’m hearing ripples about The Chastity Lesson that was given in many Relief Society classes this past Sunday. Teachers agonized over the topic. Some women dreaded the topic. Some avoided attending class altogether because the topic is just too painful.

And some had meaningful and important experiences in their classes. I’d like to share two links from such experiences.

One woman shares her experience giving the lesson. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to experience the strong spirit that obviously attended her lesson.

Another woman shares the tender, poignant, and pointed question that still hangs in the air — and, I believe, deserves more attention. Too many women suffer in silence in their marriages because the most tender and intimate experience between husband and wife that is supposed to be beautiful has been either tainted by pornography use and/or addiction and/or sexual coercion, abuse, and even rape.

Please read this post. It’s an important one for all of us as sisters to consider. There are women in our midst who are suffering in this way. Some suffer even for years after a marriage ends. It is my hope that we may all be watching for the pain that may exist in our Relief Societies, so that we can help point these women to resources and support so they can find healing.

p.s. My plan for a future post is to share some resources and information I found over months of research, looking for answers for women who have experienced trauma related to sex in their marriages. I found precious little compared to what I had hoped I would find (I believe this topic deserves more direct attention!), but I did find some things that I hope might be helpful.