I am stronger than I thought



Recently I went to see my high school kiddos compete in a cross country race. The race was at an old city park with old-fashioned canal gutters on the streets once used by farmers to irrigate. Those gutters have a steep slope and as I climbed in the mini van my right ankle rolled hard. I collapsed and started crying and wincing and thought for sure I’d be on my way to see the doctor. After a minute or so I realized I could move it just fine–in fact only the top of my foot was sore and bruised. Ankle was fine!

As I thought about my close call with a broken ankle I thought about my exercise routine–6 days a week since January. Lots of interval training, heavy weights, etc. I realize that all those side lunges, curtsy lunges, ice skaters, and lateral hops have really strengthened my ankles so much so that my ankle could withstand my little accident.

So it is with my husband’s addiction. I have become stronger, more resilient, and less fearful. When hard things hit me I handle them better now because of all the “spiritual strength training” I have been doing. One of my kiddos is questioning the importance of church. And just this week I found out my thyroid has become rebellious again and it betraying my body. I think I’m going to have to take drastic measures and kill it with radioactive iodine soon. And the list goes on! These are tough trials but somehow that strength learned from a different trial, one I never would have chosen, applies to all these as well. All be well. I am stronger than I thought.