Remember SHAMED? They need help!

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Here’s a note from Jessica Mockett, Director:

The Heart of the Matter

While funding this project has been a challenge, we press forward because we know that the film will be significant in changing how Christians view the issues. I ask for your help once again so that this movie can be available to countless viewers: that hearts will be touched, that Christians will see more clearly how to recover from the scars of pornography, that it will draw them closer to God.

Here are a few quick updates on the progress of the project:

1)     We have brought in a new producing partnerNathan Lee, a multi Emmy award-winning producer/director who understands intimately the issues our film addresses.

2)     For 18 months we pursued the project under the title Shamed. After much thought, we gave the film a new title that speaks more clearly to hope and healing. The film will now be known as The Heart of the Matter – finding light in the darkness of pornography addiction.

3)     We have a grant offer of $15K that will expire in early October if we cannot find the matching funds.

In order to receive our grant in time, we have gone back online to try to raise the needed $15K there.

Our latest Kickstarter fundraiser is shorter than anything we’ve done before: Only 18 days!

I am asking that you click on this link and visit our Kickstarter page. Watch our latest pitch video and trailer. Read about the project there. I hope that you catch our vision and join our effort.


We ask that you donate again or for the first time.

We ask that you share the link to Kickstarter on your personal or organizational social media platforms.

We ask that you email 5-10 people and encourage them to consider donating to the project.

If you have connections to like-minded organizations or churches please inform them about this project and ask them if they will support the efforts by donating or sharing with their networks/congregations.

Our campaign ends October 5th at midnight EST. If you are interested – don’t hold off in participating. The more momentum we have in the beginning of the campaign the better chance we have of succeeding!

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