When a spouse won’t disclose sexual sin

This video (and related video series) presents some thoughts from a Christian counselor on this question that many women are asking. What do I do if my husband will not disclose the full nature of his sexual sin (pornography addiction, extramarital relationships, etc.)?

Here’s a link to this counselor’s nine-step process of healing for a spouse engaged in sexual sin.

[Admin note: As is always the case with any materials we share here, sharing does not mean we endorse the organization or all of the information shared. We simply desire to share what we find that seems relevant to the kinds of questions that women in this situation are asking. We share resources from a variety of organizations and individuals, both LDS and not, both religious and secular. We encourage our blog readers to be prayerful while studying various resources and to watch for patterns of principles that are taught in various programs and by various professionals.]