FIGHT with the kids!

Photo Credit:
Ryan Werner, Beau Lewis, Clay Olsen, and Cam Lee

Fight the New Drug ( is a non-political, non-religious nonprofit started in 2009 by four guys whose message is now literally sweeping the nation. A few weeks ago they were here in my area, and I went to see their presentation, and it was AWESOME! And now I’m a “fighter” too, and I can’t stop talking to everyone I meet about this organization.

How did it all start? Well, in 2010, Ryan Werner, Beau Lewis, Clay Olsen, and Cam Lee put up their anti-pornography website, and within the first week, ten thousand kids had become “fighters.” As of July 2013, they are up to 38,000, and they’re not just making waves on the Internet. Fight the New Drug has been featured on ABC, FOX, and the Dr. Drew Show.

Instead of focusing on the legal side or the morality behind the porn industry as many organizations do, “Fight” aims to educate the public about the science behind porn addiction. Research now shows that when it is exposed to pornography, the human brain initiates a chemical reaction identical to the process initiated by hard drugs, like cocaine. Most people don’t realize this, and FTND is on a mission to educate the world about it, thereby pulling back the proverbial curtain on the magician’s act, so to speak.

Their website touts, “We aren’t your grandma’s afternoon talk show, nor are we a bunch of wanna-be-hip government workers trying to trick you into thinking porn is not cool. In fact, we are young people, just like you, who are passionate about making a difference in the world. We wake up every day empowered with a vision and filled with a desire to help people … We know that youth can change the world. We hold on to that idealism and invite everyone to take a stand with us to fight the new drug.”

More to come about Todd, the cool dude I met at the presentation, so stay tuned!