Pioneer Women and Men: pointing the way forward

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Over the past two and a half years, I have been immersed in research and discussion about sexual and other addictions. As a social media collaborator, I felt compelled to work with others to get more information, resources, and support out there for those affected by addiction … Their own or that of a loved one.

It has been a remarkable experience to meet and connect with many women personally affected by the addiction of a loved one. I have been moved by stories of those in addiction who have found hope and recovery. I found that addicts in recovery have a peace and strength and faith that I wanted. I see similar strength fro loved Ines of addicts who have found healing and peace in their own lives.

It’s been such an honor to rub shoulders with remarkable, strong, inspiring, caring people who are passionate about the topic of recovery and healing. They work together to find their own healing and to help broaden the community so more people can know and feel that they are not alone, and so they can get helpful information and support for their healing journeys.

I will highlight three such people today. Maurice Harker has a multifaceted therapy practice, helping men, women, and youth affected by or struggling with addiction. Since a good majority of what I’ve focused on has been finding support for women, this post of Maurice’s really hit home with a lot of women. Want better post to share on Pioneer Day?


“Victory Will Wait” is a visionary WOPA (wife of a porn addict) who has had a bee in her bonnet to rally WOPAs everywhere to celebrate Pioneer Day in a unique way, either through self-nuture or to unite with others somehow. She invites WOPAs everywhere to participate in a way that works for them.

I say often that women facing this trial are trailblazers for others as they break through barriers of shame and fear and reach out for — and offer — love and support and empathy.


I was so excited to open my email yesterday to find an announcement from a modern-day pioneer named Jacy. She was fine of the first women to get a blog up and share her story, and the responses were overwhelming. She’s since been on a mission to DO something to help. And she’s organized an amazing conference called The Togetherness Project. It sounds like an event not to be missed. The program includes many pioneers in this field, both from a therapeutic and informational point of view, but also includes the personal perspectives of people who have walked this path of addiction and recovery.

One cannot help but be moved to see the many ways different people are helping blaze trails for those who as yet are not aware of healing resources and a growing community of individuals, therapists and coaches, and organizations dedicated to these topics.

If you are affected by addiction in any way — even  if you are simply passionate about helping others struggling with and/or affected by addiction– we invite you to join with us today in celebrating the pioneers in this realm and doing something to help spread the word. Please let us know if you know of other great pioneers in the addiction recovery world. We’d love to highlight them we will have more highlights to come.

If your experience is anything like mine, associating with these amazing people will change your life.


Happy Pioneer Day!