Addo Recovery Betrayal Trauma Online Meetings

A recent commenter asked about accessing the online Addo Recovery group meetings. Archived videos of the beta Addo Recovery meetings can be found at Addo Recovery’s YouTube channel. We’ve also embedded them below.

FYI, the third video on boundaries is likely not going to be included in future workshops (they are still in beta mode as they work with women and get feedback from them), but it still might be worth a listen. Some really benefited from it, but Dr. Skinner has realized he wants to approach the topic in a different way. Interesting discussions ensued after the meeting, though. For example, see blog posts here, here, and here.

Editor’s note: Sharing different professional resources and perspectives here does not equate to endorsing that professional perspective or organization. We try to share a variety of resources here. What we will say is that we are grateful and excited when organizations and professionals make resources and information freely available and accessible to people in need. Addo Recovery is doing just that. The videos are designed to work with a free six-week workshop on betrayal trauma. Contact Eric Red for more information at Eric a/, or visit Addo Recovery’s website

If you are a professional or organization focused on helping those affected by sexual addiction find hope and healing, please let us know about what you are doing! Guest posts, questions, or information can be emailed to hopeandhealinglds a/ gmail d/ com. 
Group Session 1 – Why Do I Feel This Way?

Group Session 2 – Understanding Me

oGroup Session 3 – Start Healing Now

Group Session 4 – Did You Know You Were This Strong?