Laura Brotherson post on porn/sex addiction recovery resources

We just wanted to give a hat-tip to the post from Laura Brotherson that has a great list of resources for those affected by pornography/sex addiction. Thanks to Laura for her link to our site as well.

As a point of clarification, the bulletin board/forum (linked to our blog; registration required) is a separate thing from the online Google+ video chat gathering, which was arranged by a WOPA (wives of pornography addicts) blogger.

If you are having trouble signing up for the private forum/bulletin board, email the admin at hopeandhealinglds a/ gmail.

If you are interested in the video chat gathering, you can find more info at Marlee’s blog here. Marlee writes:

Each Thursday at 12 noon west coast time we hold a 12 step support group meeting for loved ones of pornography addiction. It is a safe place to share our hopes, struggles, and support for each other. We are strong women getting stronger and we’d love for you to join our circle. You can email me at marleehere a/ gmail to get started.