Information for Parents about Pornography

understanding pornography addiction info for parents
In 2011, the S.A. Lifeline Foundation put out a manual for LDS Leaders and Parents called “Understanding Pornography and Sexual Addiction,” (click on the link for a free PDF version of this manual). This is an excellent resource for leaders and parents. It has a sample lesson section for teaching children and teens about pornography and sex. If you know anyone that is suffering from this addiction it’s a great resource for them as well.
Here are some startling statistics from the manual:
It is estimated that nearly 70% of young men ages 18-24 visit porn sites in a given month.
There are 47% of families in the United States say pornography is a problem in their home.
Nearly 87% of young men and 31%of young women reported using pornography.
9 years old is the average age at which children first see online pornography.
55% of divorces are related to pornography.
You can also see information about these stats and what parents can do on SA Lifeline’s website in the Information for Parents page, or under the “Help, a Loved One” tab on their website. also has a site called Combating Pornography. It’s filled to the brim with articles, videos, filtering options, and resources for parents, addicts, and leaders in the church.
Listen also to Dr. Donald Hilton, a neurosurgeon who has written and spoken extensively on pornography addiction, talks to youth and parents about pornography and its impact on the brain.

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  2. Eri Clay

    Is there any organization what I can go and bling to do some political action against those company endorse ponography?

    • Eri,
      Sorry for the delay in response. One of the best organizations to connect with is the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation. Their coalition is growing and doing a lot of work to call out companies who perpetuate this problem of pornography.