Blogs of Note: Meet Jacy

HELLO! My name is … Jacy

My blog is: “My Name Is Jacy”

My url is:

What is your marital status? Divorced

Do you have children? Yes

Where do you fit in the world of sexual addiction? I am the ex-spouse of an addict.

Does your blog title have any significance? Yes it does! You can find all you’d like to know and MORE about my blog title and logo here.

Why did you start blogging? In February of 2010, my world completely crumbled when I learned of my husband’s secrets. I needed a place to write… to vent… to vomit… to hope… to express in words the horrific pain I was enduring. I felt very alone, for a very, very long time. Looking back, I’m not really sure why I started a blog… but there were times when it felt like it was my closest friend (as cheesy as that sounds).

Is there one post that defines your personal journey best? If so, give us the link: I can’t consider this the most defining post of my journey per se, but the Pioneer Woman post is extremely close to my heart! This concept saved my life–in the most difficult, heart-wrenching, and confusing time of my life. This is how I managed to wake up everyday and keep on going across the plains.

Summarize the purpose of your blog in 3 words: The purpose of my blog is to: inspire, develop, and unite.

How has blogging helped you and/or the people around you? Writing has proven to be very therapeutic for me. Connecting with women, whether they’ve been through the same hell as me or not, has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my lifetime. By writing about my new life, I’m hoping to give back. I’m hoping to spread HOPE–regardless of what you’re enduring.

I know what it feels like to have your world ripped away from you… I’ve felt that continual aching throb in my gut… I’ve felt my heart literally break in half… I’ve been in that big muddy pit where everything seems bleak… I’ve felt the most intense pain of shock and confusion… I’ve sat on that table awaiting the results of an STD screening…I know the uncertainty of horrific betrayal… I’ve been there, on the front row… I know.

But what I’ve also felt and discovered is an undeniable and incredible strength within me. I’ve found after all this that I am a powerful and wonderful woman of worth! I’ve felt so much love and goodness in my life! It may not have panned out how I expected it to, and it’s full of really tough challenges, but my life is still good–it’s just a matter of redefining it a little bit and counting the many blessings I have, every single day.

With that, I welcome any and all of you to my little spot on the web. I hope you’ll stop by, introduce yourself and become apart of the amazing community that has edified my life in the most magnificent of ways already! I love this journey I’m on… and I hope you’ll join me on my quest in rebuilding and reclaiming love, beauty, worth, forgiveness, and happiness once again. It is possible.


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  1. Thank you for this! You guys are awesome 🙂