Blogs of Note: Meet Angel

Hi there, valiant blog readers! In an effort to spice up the mix a little, we are adding a new category to our posts: “Blogs of Note.”

You might have noticed our Blog List. If you haven’t, check it out! We’ve begun cataloging blogs written by some pretty amazing women, men, and professionals, and the list just keeps growing! However … a list is just a list. We want to get to know these fantastic individuals and really hear their stories. We also hope this will help you locate the blogs that will help you most. So each month, we will feature a blogger on the Hope & Healing blog. Stay tuned.

In an effort to kick off the endeavor, I’ll begin by introducing myself and my blog. Here goes:

HELLO! My name is … Angel

My blog is: “Healing at Heaven’s Fountain”

My url is:

My call sign on the Hope & Healing Forum is: Angel

What is your marital status? I have been married for 10 years and am in the middle of a divorce.

Do you have children? Yes.

Where do you fit in the world of sexual addiction? I am married to a sex addict who has been addicted to porn for at least 9 years and who has had multiple affairs.

Does your blog title have any significance? “Healing” refers to my main goal! “Heaven’s Fountain” refers to Jesus, the living water. And, of course it all ties in to my “Angel” and “Heaven” theme. When I get frustrated with all this crazy stuff, that’s where I have to look.

Why did you start blogging? When I started looking for resources to help me heal from all the trauma I’d experiences there was so much that I became overwhelmed. I wanted somewhere to organize it all, so I started building a blog with tabs for books, support groups, related blogs, talks & articles, etc. I guess you could say my blog is kind of an index for S.A. resources. (The blogging part was just a side note and very therapeutic!) Now, I’ve begun doing the same thing — gathering resources — for the Hope & Healing site, and I am loving it!

Is there one post that defines your personal journey best? If so, give us the link: My first post, “We flew away,” sums up a lot of years in one swoop:

Summarize the purpose of your blog in 3 words: Fight. Educate. Inspire.

How has blogging helped you and/or the people around you? When it comes to porn and sex addiction, speaking out is a good thing. It destroys families in quiet, secret places. Believe me; I know firsthand. Speaking out is unexpected. It makes an impact. Blogging helped me find support, helped build my confidence, and ultimately helped me find my voice so that I could get to the point where I began speaking out in real life. I can walk tall again, and I can heal from this. When it comes to pornography and sex addiction, I am a force to be reckoned with. I am no longer a quivering heap in a corner, as I was for so many years. I don’t have to hide anymore. I am on a mission of strength, love, and compassion to help others through the muck. And it feels good.