Healing a Marriage Relationship Damaged by Sex/Pornography Addiction

This video is the first in a two-part series by Geoff Steurer, licensed marriage and family therapist, expert on sex addiction and pornography addiction, co-author of Love You, Hate the Porn, and counselor at LifeStar. Part 2 will be shared tomorrow.

To understand the context of this video, it’s important to understand that there are three recoveries when there is sex addiction in a marriage. Couples’ recovery — what is being addressed in this video — is not possible without “his” recovery and “her” recovery. (In other words, the one suffering from addiction needs his/her recovery; the spouse needs to pursue her/his recovery. Geoff talks about this being a “Three-legged stool.”)

In this part 1 video, Geoff addresses both the addicts’ recovery process and the spouse’s recovery process before discussing how, then, a couple can begin to rebuild trust and intimacy in a marriage. (You can find information he is referring to at SA Lifeline, specifically on p. 130 of their Understanding Pornography Addiction and Recovery resource manual.)

(If you are interested in hearing Sara’s story (the wife of a recovering addict), we’ve embedded that video below for your convenience.)