Dr. Mark Laaser on Sexual Addiction (with some helpful info for wives)

Dr. Mark Laaser is both a Christian counselor and a former sexual addict. In this PurePassionTV video, Dr. Laaser talks about his experience with overcoming sexual addiction, about how addiction works (both emotionally (many addicts are, as he describes, “wounded”) and physiologically/biologically/neurologically), and about how he’s seen Christians who struggled with sexual addiction/sin find healing and hope. Dr. Laaser worked with Dr. Patrick Carnes, a pioneer in the field of sexual addiction and recovery (see more in an article written by both Dr. Laaser and Dr. Carnes).

Hear thoughts about addiction and the brain, recovery (individual and marital), accountability, sobriety, and healthy spirituality and healthy marital sexuality. (In the beginning of the video, Dr. Laaser also addresses a few of the myths that women often believe about pornography or other sexual sin (e.g., affairs). e.g., “If I were just more attractive, more sexually involved with my spouse, having sex more frequently with him, etc. this wouldn’t have happened.”

See more of the Laaser’s work at their website, Faithful and True Ministries. From their website: We [Dr. Mark Laaser, PhD. and Debbie Laaser, MA, LAMFT] are a Christian recovery ministry for individuals and couples who struggle because of sexual addiction. Combining our own experiences in recovery and our study with some of the finest minds in the secular and Christian communities, we have developed a program to restore lives, marriages, and families.

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  1. Dr HArold Brown

    Mark ,would you please give me a call or tell me a number and time I can Reach you Please!!
    Dr. Harold Brown
    Murrells Inlet ,SC or cell 843-902-2234

    • admin

      Dr. Brown, It is highly unlikely that Dr. Laaser will read your comment. We would encourage you to contact him directly through his website. Good luck!