Joining the Fight: Fathers Against Pornography

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I’ve often wondered why it seems that women are the ones heading up the anti-pornography campaigns.  I haven’t come up with an answer, but I’m happy to see a new organization started by men:  Fathers Against Pornography.

They state:

We are a coalition of mostly men, husbands, and fathers who choose to fight the growing plague of pornography.

As men we recognize many of us have fallen victim to the highly addictive forms of pornography and have seen first hand the destructive outcome it has on society. As men we choose to stand up and fight for our brothers, neighbors, and friends and help those around us in need.

As husbands we recognize the important companionship of our wives and the damaging effects pornography has on our relationship with them. As husbands we choose to love and respect our wives through fidelity, honesty and service.

As fathers we recognize that our actions stand to inspire or destroy those we love. We choose to stand as equal companions to our wives, heroes to our sons and daughters and as protectors of our families.

We choose to combat the assault against us as fathers and to embrace the sacred responsibility we have to ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and to our families.

Pornography destroys families. We are fathers who choose to fight.

Just beautiful.

You can also find them on Facebook at

For a special Father’s Day project, they are collecting “real letters written by women to their husbands. These letters can be signed or unsigned, to husbands that may or may not be addicted, telling them how much their efforts to fight against pornography and stand up for their families means to them. I believe that letters from wives, written with love and that are encouraging, supportive, and that recognize the efforts of their husbands in this battle, would provide countless men with the encouragement to keep fighting. . . . Our hope is that true stories of courage and love that real women have for their husbands and companions will provide a lift for the men who choose to fight.”

You can send Fathers Against Pornography your letters of encouragement at