Healing the Broken-Hearted

This video, “Healing the Broken-Hearted” was shown originally at ksl.com (a news station in Utah). It is full of personal stories about the impact of pornography/sex addiction, on both men and on women, on husbands and on wives. Hear women talk about the pain they felt when they found out about their husband’s addictions. Hear men talk about how they felt, how their addictions began (sometimes addiction begins early in childhood)

Hear also professional insight on the topic of pornography addiction and recovery — and the hope that is available through following true principles of recovery and tapping into the power of the Atonement. Jeff Ford, LMFT, and Geoff Steurer, LMFT, who are experts in this field, who talk about how pornography addiction is about pain management (not sex, not the porn), about how it affects women, and, finally, about how the Atonement can help people find hope, healing, forgiveness, love, and joy as they experience the power of recovery.