“Why can he/she not just stop looking at porn?”

Why can't he stop using porn?

A wife of a pornography addict reflects what many loved ones feel  when a loved one is unable to stop looking at pornography.

Every time I ask myself  “Why doesn’t he just NOT LOOK?”  or “If he knows how this will hurt me, and him, why does he continue?”

Why? WHY? WHY!

A quote that helps anchor her is this from Russell M. Nelson, who said:

“Addiction surrenders… freedom to choose.  Through chemical means, one can literally become disconnected from his or her own will!”

“I love this quote,” she writes. “I cling to these words.”

Do you have a loved one in your life who cannot stop looking at pornography, or are you find yourself in that place where you want to stop, but cannot. Understanding the impact of pornography addiction on the brain can be helpful in understanding what is needed to overcome these effects. It will take effort, but recovery is possible!

The following articles explore this topic further.

Understanding the addictive nature of pornography (see also video below)

Does pornography viewing really affect the brain? – Links to various resources that explore this topic

“When persons first enter into and entertain addiction, attitudes are anchored in pride: “I know and understand that substance abuse overwhelms and overcomes others. I’ve seen them. But I will not become one of them. I am stronger than they are.” Or, “I hold it [my marriage, my family, my life] together.” [Whether] addiction captures the innocent or the unwise, after a period of time consequences accumulate and one realizes that, “Indeed, the laws of life apply to me too; I cannot escape this.” [But there is hope for recovery…read on!]” — see this article, “Recovery from Addiction

From a recovering addict: The ABCs of Addiction

The Pornography Trap – by Victor Cline and Brad Wilcos

In this video, Dr. Hilton discusses the impact of pornography addiction on the brain.


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